Types of Home Insurance




Seasonal Dwelling

Whats Included

Civil Liability

This type of insurance protects you – and those living under your roof – against bodily injury and material damage that you may have involuntarily caused to a person and his assets, possibly leading to claims or lawsuits.


This type of insurance protects your personal possessions, whether it's in your house or while you are travelling against theft or damage.

Additional Living Expenses

This Type of Insurance covers the cost of alternate accommodations and living expenses for people who are prohibited from returning or because their home is uninhabitable as a result of an insured damage.


This Type of Insurance protects the assets surrounding your property, such as backyards, tress or any valuable objects outside the main building.


This Type of Insurance protects the building structure of your home against accidental loss.

You Can Also Add

Sewer backup

This optional coverage protects your property from damage caused by the escape of water from a sewer, drains, sump pit, or septic pump.

Above Ground Water Coverage

This optional coverage protects you against sudden and accidental water damage caused by Discharge, backup, and overflow of water from eaves, downspouts, rainwater gutters or roof drains.

Identity Theft

This optional coverage protects you against some costs related to identity theft. The insurance company reimburses money spent on reclaiming your financial identities and repairing your credit reports.


This optional coverage protects you against devastating earthquakes that might cause severe damage to your property. It is worth considering purchasing this type of insurance if you live in an area more prone to natural disasters.


This optional coverage protects you against the overflowing of a natural body of water that reaches your home.

Single Limit Endorsement

This optional coverage allows the insured to combine the amounts of the insurance coverages in situations in which one of the coverage limits is inadequate to pay the loss

Plus Many More

Contact our agents today, and ask about the many other endorsements that you can add to your insurance policy.

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